A pair of Legacy Audio Convergence speakers. I hate to let these go, but we hope to move to a smaller home. These speakers need a larger room! MTM design with a rear facing ambiance tweeter, and 2-12" woofers. The sound is much better than the Legacy Signature model that was being sold at the time. I have a review written by D. B. Keele Jr. from the 1993 February Audio Magazine I can share with if you send an email. These were priced at $3,400.00 when new. In the picture of the rear facing tweeter, the sunlight through the curtains is making that weird pattern. The speakers are in very nice condition.

Local pick-up only, please! Dwight, IL 60420. These speakers weigh 150# each!

Edit: I found a link to the original Audio Magazine review. Pages 54-66. https://www.americanradiohistory.com...io-1993-02.pdf